Urban Design and Planning


Masterplan for Tianjin (China) in a 600 hectare-area with a total built area of 3.6 million m2. The industrial buildings are articulated around a high-speed train station next to a multipurpose center, with hotels, apartments, offices and shopping center, and a 27-hole golf course.

Masterplan for Benguela Waterfront, Angola

Regeneration of Praia Morena seafront, in Benguela, Angola, with leisure centers, a marina and hotels that run along a renovated boulevard designed to breathe new life into a beautiful environment along 5 km of beach.

Sefanitro’s Special Plan, Barakaldo, Spain

Urban project for the regeneration of 25 hectares of obsolete industrial land in the center of the Bilbao estuary. This includes 183,000 m2 of residential land, in innovative typologies, and 90,000 m2 of tertiary land, articulated around a new clean water axis.

Residential Masterplan with polo field, Qatar

New exclusive, vibrant district to the north of Doha, Qatar. More than 30 hectares to be transformed into a unique neighborhood with residential areas, facilities, and school zone around an international polo club.