Urban Design and Planning

Design of Urban Projects

Each space has an individual character that urban design must protect and enhance.  This awareness allows us to offer the best solution and create proposals with a sense of identity that guarantee and encourage the connection of the communities with their socio-cultural and spatial setting.

We believe in and practice cross-sectional, interdisciplinary work, which integrates natural, economic, social and health sciences in a human environment, and transcends traditional barriers.


Architectural Design

The success of each project is based on generating multiple, innovative alternatives as the result of working as a team. The development of each option involves analyzing the current environment and exploring future opportunities. In subsequent iterations, we identify the option that best responds to the requirements of the main stakeholders. This is how we have developed more than 40 international projects for public and private clients in recent years.


Due to the large scale of some of them, we pay painstaking attention to the understanding of the myriad factors involved, as well as their evolution over time. Each project represents a challenge that we welcome with enthusiasm and realism, always with the utmost commitment and attention to detail.

Project Management

Our experience in numerous countries and across different types of projects allows us to deliver guaranteed results and lead on all types of initiatives.  Key factors include directing and coordinating teams involving construction companies and engineering firms, managing engineering teams and client teams, taking on NEC contracts and developing fast-track methodologies.  This is the foundation for the success of large-scale projects working with international teams.

Architecture, urban planning and design

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