Holiday Village with 5.000 beds, Haikou-China

Holiday resort in Haikou, the Giongzhu Coast Ecological Holiday Village, in the Chinese Caribbean. A total of 5,000 beds, in a 5-star hotel, apartments, villas and a convention center, on 150,000 m2. International competition. First prize.

Multifunctional Tower, Benguela-Angola

Multifunctional building with hotel, offices, residential area, and shopping and leisure center in 41,000 m2 of built area in Benguela, Angola

Unique, innovative proposal that deploys new technologies to offer a sustainable building in an environment of extreme humidity and temperature.

El Boulevard Shopping Centre, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

80,000 m2 of GLA space and almost 250,000 m2 built area, the recipient of several national and international awards. Integrated within the urban fabric with an architecture that opens to the city, it has become a benchmark in the design of shopping centers.

Micalanda Oenological Center, Gimileo-la Rioja, Spain

Unique, singular project, on a 100-meter-high hill above the Ebro in Gimileo, next to Haro, in La Rioja (Spain).

A stunning building in a breathtaking setting, based on the principles of passive, sustainable architecture, the Center is the headquarters of a world leading company in oenological products.

Flagship Building for a private health insurance group, Spain

Creative exercise for the development of a model of iconic clinics for the parent company. Driven by the desire to provide a prototype for the group’s dental clinics, the flagship building unites two concepts in a single space: firstly, it conveys the company's values through a unique, enjoyable experience that reinforces the customer-patient loyalty; and, secondly, it delivers quality healthcare in a cheerful, professional environment that goes beyond care.

Urban Parks in Qatar

Seven urban parks in residential areas around Doha, Qatar. All the parks are themed to create magical spaces of escape from the harsh climatic conditions and the built environment.