Architect and Urban Planner, with international projects and over 25 years of experience in China, Angola, Qatar, Peru, Portugal and Spain.

Architecture, and urban design and planning realize dreams that meet the needs of society and individuals, and improve the inhabited environment. This requires powerful conceptual and design skills, as well as honed interpersonal skills to generate, lead and inspire the teams created for each project.

Cohesive and well-managed teams are the key to completing small and large successful projects across multiple sectors, including shopping centers, tourism developments, residential projects, office buildings, and masterplanning of different sizes and purposes.


Architecture is intrinsic to the culture where it arises. It is, among other things, both a product of the place, and a reflection of its needs and dreams. This is the starting point and inspiration for my architecture.


This vision is materialized through an understanding of the place, at the large and the small scales, prior to designing useful and sustainable spaces and buildings. It continues with the creation of the best team, which I lead for optimal results. The keys to this are the principles of good design, transdisciplinary work and technological advances, always putting the Client and the Project at the core of all activities.